Building Blocks of “Better”

Building Blocks of "Better" is a report published by the Local Area Coordination Network in March 2021 as a follow-on piece to their Annual Conference in November 2020. The report provides commentary on the 10 speeches given at the conference around the 10 key Principles of Local Area Coordination. 

Understanding & aligning link worker & community capacity building activity: A place-based approach in York & Wakefield

This week we shared our our latest learning in a webinar attended by 100 people from a wide range of backgrounds across health and social care. Understanding and aligning link worker and community capacity building activity: A place-based approach in York and Wakefield was commissioned by NHS England and delivered by C4PC in collaboration with Community Catalysts, The National Association of Link Workers (NALW), the New NHS Alliance (now The Health Creation Alliance) and the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).

C4PC shares new insight into community strengthening

C4PC is sharing new insight focussed on understanding how best to align link worker and capacity building activities with optimum success. The resource explores a place-based approach in York and Wakefield, and highlights the importance of community strengthening roles including how individuals and communities can best take control of their own lives and environment to maintain good health and well-being. Sign up to attend the webinar and find out more.

Health Inequalities, the COVID Vaccination Programme & Community Centred Approaches

Amongst growing concern that health inequalities in the U.K. are adversely affecting the roll-out of the national Covid vaccination programme, C4PC is drawing together a broad range of partner organisations to provide valuable insight from a range of perspectives which could help to tackle the issue. We'll be sharing the findings immediately after the event.