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A practical guide explaining how to make the most of co-production to produce better services and products. Read more

This document is best approached as a reflective tool that couches co-production within trauma informed principles and ethical practice. Read more

This case study examines the lessons learned through equity co-ordinators’ work during a COVID-19 vaccination programme across Crawley, East Surrey and Mid-Sussex. Read more

A support tool to enable person-centred care. 'This is me' is a simple leaflet for anyone receiving professional care who is living with dementia or experiencing delirium or other communication difficulties. Read more

Think Local Act Personal and the Local Government Association look at how direct payment recipients and council staff can best be supported to maximise control over care and support while also meeting the core legal and financial obligations of councils. Read more

Our partner, Think Local Act Personal, has been highlighting solutions for registered services that will help accelerate personalisation. Read more

This report explores an asset-based approach to care and support through practical examples. Read more

The Living with Dementia Toolkit has been produced for people with dementia and their carers, by people with dementia and their carers. Read more

These illustrated stories take a look at some of the situations different families find themselves in and explore how a whole family approach is the most effective way to implement personalised care. Read more

This resource includes a short animation of Peter's journey, highlighting the realities of shared decision making through a case study.  Read more

This toolkit is intended to support clinicians and medical students working across the UK in reducing health inequalities. It is created by the British Medical Association, based on the initiatives that clinicians across the country have seen or been involved in. Read more

his report outlines the findings from the Carnegie UK Embedding Wellbeing in Local Government Programme. The full and summary reports conclude with 18 recommendations for improving Community Planning and more broadly for improving wellbeing in Northern Ireland. Read more