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This resource, produced through collaboration between a number of organisations, focusses on understanding and aligning link workers and community capacity building. Read more

The report, ‘Health Inequalities, the Covid Vaccination & Community-Centred Approaches’, unpacks some of the most pervasive issues leading to low vaccine take-up in certain groups across the UK and, importantly, highlights ways to overcome the most prevalent barriers to health equality. Read more

This report from the TLAP Insight Group aims to identify what worked well, and to highlight areas that people found difficult, both generally and in relation to social care during the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic, seen through the lens of personalisation. Read more

During COVID-19 lots of services have had to change to cope with different demands.  Macmillan made this film with Mandy, who is living with breast cancer, to help share her story and answer common questions about Macmillan can support during the pandemic. Read more

Macmillan Cancer Support has produced this guide for professionals providing holistic needs assessments, care and support planning. Read more

Universal personalised care: Implementing the Comprehensive Model is the action plan for the rolling out personalised care across England. Read more

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) website has collection of resources to people deliver person-centred care. Read more