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The Living with Dementia Toolkit has been produced for people with dementia and their carers, by people with dementia and their carers. Read more

These illustrated stories take a look at some of the situations different families find themselves in and explore how a whole family approach is the most effective way to implement personalised care. Read more

This resource includes a short animation of Peter's journey, highlighting the realities of shared decision making through a case study.  Read more

This toolkit is intended to support clinicians and medical students working across the UK in reducing health inequalities. It is created by the British Medical Association, based on the initiatives that clinicians across the country have seen or been involved in. Read more

his report outlines the findings from the Carnegie UK Embedding Wellbeing in Local Government Programme. The full and summary reports conclude with 18 recommendations for improving Community Planning and more broadly for improving wellbeing in Northern Ireland. Read more

This report aims to find good examples of personalised care and community-based support for people from ethnically diverse communities.  Read more

This report shares the experiences of just some of the people that Alzheimer’s Society and Future Health have been working with; their stories and how their life has been impacted by their experience of social care. Read more

For Joe receiving a Personal Health Budget and working with Thurrock mental health services meant access to music tuition, a boost in confidence and feeling more relaxed. Read more

This guideline describes good patient experience for babies, children and young people, and makes recommendations on how it can be delivered. Read more

This guideline covers the components of a good patient experience. It aims to make sure that all adults using NHS services have the best possible experience of care. Read more

Get Yourself Active is a programme led by Disability Rights UK and funded by Sport England. This pack offers practical help, tips and advice that can be used to support people with disabilities and long term conditions to participate more in sport and physical activity. Read more

Working with British Red Cross, Healthwatch published this report which drew on the experiences of nearly 600 people who left hospital during the pandemic. The feedback has been shared with the Government to help them understand how the hospital ‘discharge to assess’ model worked in reality. Read more