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Join us to learn about the benefits of continuity of care and how you can overcome the challenges of implementing continuity in your practices! 

In January 2019 5 sites were chosen by The Health Foundation to lead improvement projects to support an increase in continuity of care in their GP practices. During this webinar, project teams from the Health Foundation’s Increasing Continuity of Care in General Practice Programme will speak about the importance of continuity and what they have learned about increasing continuity over the last 3 years. This includes challenges, successes, case studies and tools that will help you better understand continuity and how to implement it in your practice. 

During this webinar, the RCGP and the Health Foundation will: 

  • Share progress, learning, and insights from the programme as it comes to a close 
  • Recap the evidence for continuity and the benefits for clinicians and patients  
  • Provide insights from the sites on the challenges, successes and practical tools that can help you increase continuity  
  • Discuss how continuity of care can help practices deliver high-quality personalised care more efficiently and effectively as well as reduce health inequalities 

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