Our vision

To make personalised care a reality for everyone accessing health and social care services in England.

What is Personalised Care?

Personalised care means people have choice and control over how their health and care needs are met. Decisions are made based on what matters most to them and their individual strengths and needs.

The approach does not focus solely on healthcare, but the person’s wellbeing and life as a whole, so it often involves a greater variety of people, including families, professionals and the wider community.

For personalised care to work well, services should be integrated around the person and the individual is more involved in the decision-making process, co-producing their own care, with professional support. People often develop greater knowledge, skills and confidence as a result and are empowered to take as much responsibility as they want.

The Coalition for Personalised Care facilitates every part of the system working together with equal voice and influence to achieve our vision. Our network includes people with experience of accessing health and social care services, voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, royal colleges, academic bodies, improvement organisations and health and care practitioners from all walks of life. This diversity helps us gather unique insight, share learning, highlight challenges and encourage change.

Through our partners we have a hands-on approach to helping organisations to plan for a future in which personalised care is engrained in their way of working and we actively work with parts of the system which may inadvertently be preventing personalised care from being realised.

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